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Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's 911 Everyday

Susannah blogged:
"As we sit here at our computers, viewing this screen, a life-size representation of Sarah Heath Palin hangs from a noose in the eaves of Chad Morrisette’s house in West Hollywood, CA. This kind of display is very, very dangerous, friends. It speaks to the character of those who erected it, yes, but that’s not all. It’s getting national attention, and sinking into the collective consciousness of our nation.

Yes, recent death threats against Senator Obama were vile, & the offenders are right where they belong – in jail. The authorities in whom we place our public trust are handling the threats justly; the public would not have it if they didn’t. And yet, the public is watching Mr. Morrisette & draws the only conclusion it can. While threatening Mr. Obama is a crime, this murderous display against Mrs. Palin is okay. It is tolerable. It is an acceptable paradigm of soft violence toward her, and women."

Her entry made me think, once again, about the inconsistencies in our country. Sometimes they are blatent, sometimes vague. Thanks to bloggers like Susannah, we are coming to a point where we can hold this nation accountable. It is with a heavy heart I applied some of this thinking to 911.

911 was terrible. We lost so many lives in so little time. I didn't snort or grunt one bit when I found out we were starting a war against terrorism. It was needed. We can't allow anyone to come into our country and take American lives needlessly like that. I don't believe anyone in the country disagreed with the fact 911 was tragic and somebody needed to answer for it.

Keeping that same logic, where is the war on abortion? If 911 was a senseless loss of lives, what about the lives lost daily at the hands of doctors because of the conscious decision of the mothers to be? If women are entitled to chose, why aren't terrorists? Why declare a war against one group and wink at the other? As a mom, how would I explain that one is wrong and punishable but the other is a choice and an American right?


Where are the task forces designed to seek and destroy the idea of "choice"? Where are the silent candle light vigils for the aborted? Where are the monuments? Where is the compassion? We somehow have compassion and sadness and anger for those lost on 911, but brush off the innocent lives lost daily in hospitals, clinics and back-alley operations.

This is not a dig against the way President Bush handled 911 or against those who lost loved ones on that day. Instead, this is a cry to take that same resolve to not let it happen again and apply it towards abortion. Each lost life counts-no matter what the age. If it had a beating heart, we should all mourn the silencing of such. We should not fear terrorists when we do the same thing to our own people.

If these ideas bother you, they should. We should get a little uncomfortable when we are inconsistant. When the smoke is cleared, and we see the raw reality of our double standards, it should sting like a fresh skin scrape. Nurse that scrape and it becomes new skin, healed to the point of never knowing it existed. I can only hope one day our country comes to the realization that we need to open the wound of indifference, clean it out, and let it heal. We can become a nation that has compassion on all life. Maybe if a few more Susannah's will step up to the plate, we can get the job done!

Negative Actions Rarely Produce Positive Results

abortion clinic bombing scare

Dear Wanna-be bombers,
You don't like abortion-you think it's unfair to the innocent. You are right. You believe abortion providers are murderers. You are right. You believe abortion clinics should be flattened. You are right.

Although your heart is in the right place, that does not excuse your potential decision to blow up a clinic.

Are you nuts? You cry "murder" yet want to lower yourself to their level and do the same. You say it's not really the same because they aren't innocent. True. But murder is murder. Quit trying to justify it.

You feel you are doing God's work by condemning these murderers. Don't fool yourself. You are not doing God's work. He is pro-life and would never tell you to take the life of another. In fact, he says to love your enemy and do good to them. Not quite the passage you wanted, huh?

You claim he would want an eye for an eye. Perhapes you are right. Let's follow scripture and hold those bad guys accountable by bombing their clinic. Wait-before you make your plans, be sure you are following ALL OF SCRIPTURE. The same scripture that says an eye for an eye also says men shouldn't take a razor to their hair. (no cutting your hair. How's the length there?) You also aren't suppose to lie (uh-oh. I know you've told atleast a white one) or commit adultry (according to statistics, over half of you have) and you are to keep the sabbath day holy. (what are your plans on Sunday?) You can't pick and choose the scriptures you want to adhere to in the name of God while blatently blaspheming others.

Look. You're not helping the cause by trying to get rid of these guys by blowing up their clinics. It just makes the rest of us pro-lifers look like idiots. Find a way to channel that zeal in a constructive way instead of destructive. I feel what you feel. Alot of us do. We don't think it's right either. But there is a way to do things. Lowering yourself to their playing field is not that way.

So put down those explosives, go to Starbucks for a Mocha Frappacino, and rethink this thing.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In Case You've Forgotten the Real Issues......

An Alternative

Georgian Abandons 12-year old Son At Nebraska Hospital

See full story

"Most states let parents and guardians drop off children up to a month old at hospitals or other safe institutions, but Nebraska's law is the only one in the country that allows caregivers to abandon children as old as 18 without fear of prosecution."

(A perfect opportunity to ask again, why is it ok to abandon children in this country?
Abandonment through Live Birth Abortion)

Back to the story:
"The Georgia woman, who was raised in Nebraska, told the Journal Star her son was first suspended from school in the first grade for various infractions, and by the 5th grade he was flunking school, stealing, lying to and defying adults, including his probation officer."

In a society where we make medical and technilogical advances daily, we can't come up with a way to help these kids, making the only alternative abandonment? Where is the support this mom needs? Whether it's through the community or local church, this desperate mom needed help to avoid having to give up her child in this manner.

Maybe the church will look at this and re-examine their youth programs a little closer. Maybe the community can ask what they can do to get more involved.

Abandonment is never the answer. We, as a society, failed this mom. Shame on us.


"But have you ever considered what each side says about themselves? Take for example those who call themselves “pro choice.” They call themselves pro choice because they want you to believe that they have the woman’s best interests at heart. But the truth is that to believe in this kind of choice, you must also believe that every murderer, thief, rapist and child molester has a right to act upon their choices and that victims are just out of luck."

Full text here.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Know what your candidate believes! Especially when it comes to pro-life issues!

"The first thing I'd do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice Act. That's the first thing that I'd do." -- Senator Barack Obama, speaking to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, July 17, 2007

View Freedom of Choice Act in its entirety here

Obama and Born-Alive Infants-who's telling the truth?

It is of this bloggers opinion that promises matter little when parallelled with actions. Don't believe a word your candidate says. Do the research. Let his history dictate who he is, not his words. What did mama always say? Actions speak louder than words.

If Kate Can Do It, You Can, Too!

You just found out you're pregnant. Anything but joy and exhilaration fill you. You are scared. Maybe you're a single mom-to-be. Maybe you are in a financial crunch and this is the worst thing that could happen right now. Maybe your career was just getting ready to take off and now look. Your less-than excited reaction could be based on anything. The fact is, you are stuck with this situation that you didn't plan for, can't provide for and are looking at the alternative.

Before you seek to end this pregnancy, let me introduce you to Kate. She, too, faced pregnancy and encountered road blocks along the way. As a nurse, her career was going along smoothly. Once pregnant, she found herself on bed rest and ultimately in the hospital for the later part of the pregnancy. She would eventually give up her job. Her husband lost his job shortly before delivery, even while she was hospitalized. Emotionally, financially and physically taxed, the day of delivery came and things intensified.

Kate gave birth via c-section to 6 babies at one time. Her worries for their health were multiplied by 6. Her financial uncertainty was multiplied by 6. Although married, the task of caring for the newborns (and three year old twins at home) was 6-fold and Kate found she had to delegate alot of their care to volunteers. How to diaper, clothe and provide other necessities was multiplied by 6. Yet, Kate was strong in her resolve to trust that God would provide.

Her story gives inspiration to anyone facing an insurmountable circumstance but especially those that are facing an unplanned pregnancy. There are options if you can't provide. There are answers for those that just can't raise a baby right now. Ending a life for convenience is never an option. When your life is interrupted with the news of an unplanned pregnancy, entertain the possibility that no matter what brought that child into existence, their life matters. Planned or not.

Kate's frustrations were multiplied by 6. The challenges she faced were, at times, unrealistic. Yet she found a way to see the purpose in the sextuplets being her children and embraced the hope that things would work out and made the mental decision to trust that each day would take care of itself. If Kate can, you can, too.

By the way, Kate's life has also been enlarged with the love of children 6-fold. There are silver linings to every hard situation.

If you are pregnant and are seeking to end it because it is an impossibility for you, please read Multiple Blessings before making the final decision. And if you are a believer, don't count God out. He's never let any of his children down.

Friday, October 24, 2008

$$$$$$The Business of Abortion$$$$$$

• Abortion is a $90 billion plus industry.[25]

• So-called "counseling" in Planned Parenthood clinics is really marketing, providing few facts and is heavily biased in favor of abortion.[25]

• Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) was started by a racist, Margaret Sanger, who drew upon writings from socialists and eugenicists. She even published articles from Adolf Hitler's director of eugenic sterilization, Ernst Rudin, and spawned "The Negro Project," her strategy for eliminating the black population. [She] believed in removing what she called "the dead weight of human waste.[38] "In the last week of July 2002, a lawyer in Missouri filed a federal lawsuit against PFFA for their failure to fully inform women about abortion. The lawyer also agreed that PP is a racist organization that targets minority women.[31]

• "If a girl decides to carry her baby to term, . . . clinics don't make any money. They make money only if she has an abortion. So, inevitably, clinics put pressure on women to abort." — Carol Everett, who once owned and operated four lucrative abortion clinics.[25]

• "Nita Whitten, who once worked in an abortion clinic, says she was trained by a professional marketing firm in how to sell abortion over the phone. The main tactic abortion clinics use is fear. The phone operator asks the girl how late her period is and then tells her, 'You're pregnant.' Not 'You might be pregnant,' but 'You are pregnant.' When a girl calls, Nita says, the object is not to help her; it's to 'hook the sale.'"[25]

• After the abortion, the girl is given free birth-control pills since, on the pill, she's more likely to be sexually active. But since young people often do not remember to take pills consistently, there's a good chance the girl will return to the clinic pregnant again. As Carol Everett puts it, "birth control sells abortions. Abortion is a business. A big business that uses slick marketing tools."[25]

• PPFA is consistently critical of abstinence education as a solution for sexual health and behavior issues, while promoting so-called "safe sex." According to PPFA's website, Condoms are an effective, inexpensive form of birth control."[34]

• A recent study by the independent testing service of Consumers Union, as reported in Consumer Reports magazine, February 2005, evaluated the performance of 23 kinds of latex condoms.[34]

• It's not surprising that the condom types distributed by PPFA that were tested finished 14th, 22nd, and 23rd (out of 23 types tested). In fact, the PPFA condoms that ranked 22nd and 23rd were the only condoms rated "poor" on strength.[34]

• Ineffective condoms generate more repeat business for the PPFA.

• [In addition] the US Food and Drug Administration found that in typical use for just one year, condoms failed 14 percent of the time in preventing pregnancy. This pregnancy prevention method is far from effective. What's more, there is not sufficient evidence that condoms protect against the spread of some STDs, including the human papilloma virus. HPV is not only incurable, it is also the fastest spreading STD in America and has consistently been linked to cervical cancer.[34]

See Pregnant Pause.org

The Wisdom of Elmo

This morning on Sesame Street, Elmo explained "All grown ups came from babies."

I couldn't help but wince when I heard that. How ironic that these same grown ups sometimes "choose" to take the life of a baby. We must be the only species that murders our own.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Taking Sides

Do we really need a clarification memo circulating in hospitals on the topic of abortion?

From the article:
"The two documents have drawn Sanford into the heated campaign surrounding Initiated Measure 11, which would ban most abortions in South Dakota. But a spokeswoman for Sanford made clear that the health system isn't taking sides."

Why are we afraid to "take sides?" Afraid of offending someone? Trying to be politically correct? Or just trying to insure the hospital stays out of the red-I mean, isn't abortion a business? It's time someone "takes sides".

200,000 Silent Pro-Life Students Lend Voice to Unborn

"God really rocked the halls of my school today!" she (Bethany Ervin) reported on the Stand True Ministries Web site.

But not all the stories included a positive response. Many students who joined the silent protest at their schools said they were mocked and teased by teachers, other students and even sport coaches.

Kendra said one teacher belittled one student's silence, saying, “Don’t worry. I wont talk to you because you’re a Christian. I only talk to atheists.”

Read complete story here.

New Navajo Law Provides Breastfeeding Rights

My Way News reports Navajo lawmakers have passed a measure requiring employers on the reservation to provide a place for working mothers to breast feed. Click link for complete story.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yeah, baby!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Let Me Live

Monday, October 20, 2008

It's not about when a formation of cells becomes a person as much as it is about what that life will become.
If a woman throws her baby in a dumpster, she is arrested and locked up for abandonment. Why is this, live birth abortion, ok?

This is not so much against Senator Obama, although I have my questions about why he would vote in favor of this act of murder three times. How am I suppose to expect him to protect my son who is in the Navy or my father who is a disabled senior citizen when he can't protect an innocent baby? I am disturbed that we have come to a point in history that we think it's ok to give birth to live babies and let them sit in a room alone until they die. What part of our human mind allows us to justify this? This is not about abortion, but everything to do with murder. No matter where you stand on the abortion issue, you can not call this abortion when a living, breathing baby is born into the hands of a doctor-who takes the oath to "....first do no harm".....and allowed to just........die.

How can we justify our inconsistency to allow babies to lay in a room alone until they die but we arrest a mom for placing a baby in a dumpster to die?

As one viewer put it, "That made me cry and sick to my stomach. Why has this not been made public through the media?"
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