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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Georgian Abandons 12-year old Son At Nebraska Hospital

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"Most states let parents and guardians drop off children up to a month old at hospitals or other safe institutions, but Nebraska's law is the only one in the country that allows caregivers to abandon children as old as 18 without fear of prosecution."

(A perfect opportunity to ask again, why is it ok to abandon children in this country?
Abandonment through Live Birth Abortion)

Back to the story:
"The Georgia woman, who was raised in Nebraska, told the Journal Star her son was first suspended from school in the first grade for various infractions, and by the 5th grade he was flunking school, stealing, lying to and defying adults, including his probation officer."

In a society where we make medical and technilogical advances daily, we can't come up with a way to help these kids, making the only alternative abandonment? Where is the support this mom needs? Whether it's through the community or local church, this desperate mom needed help to avoid having to give up her child in this manner.

Maybe the church will look at this and re-examine their youth programs a little closer. Maybe the community can ask what they can do to get more involved.

Abandonment is never the answer. We, as a society, failed this mom. Shame on us.


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