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Monday, October 20, 2008

If a woman throws her baby in a dumpster, she is arrested and locked up for abandonment. Why is this, live birth abortion, ok?

This is not so much against Senator Obama, although I have my questions about why he would vote in favor of this act of murder three times. How am I suppose to expect him to protect my son who is in the Navy or my father who is a disabled senior citizen when he can't protect an innocent baby? I am disturbed that we have come to a point in history that we think it's ok to give birth to live babies and let them sit in a room alone until they die. What part of our human mind allows us to justify this? This is not about abortion, but everything to do with murder. No matter where you stand on the abortion issue, you can not call this abortion when a living, breathing baby is born into the hands of a doctor-who takes the oath to "....first do no harm".....and allowed to just........die.

How can we justify our inconsistency to allow babies to lay in a room alone until they die but we arrest a mom for placing a baby in a dumpster to die?

As one viewer put it, "That made me cry and sick to my stomach. Why has this not been made public through the media?"


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