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Friday, October 24, 2008

$$$$$$The Business of Abortion$$$$$$

• Abortion is a $90 billion plus industry.[25]

• So-called "counseling" in Planned Parenthood clinics is really marketing, providing few facts and is heavily biased in favor of abortion.[25]

• Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) was started by a racist, Margaret Sanger, who drew upon writings from socialists and eugenicists. She even published articles from Adolf Hitler's director of eugenic sterilization, Ernst Rudin, and spawned "The Negro Project," her strategy for eliminating the black population. [She] believed in removing what she called "the dead weight of human waste.[38] "In the last week of July 2002, a lawyer in Missouri filed a federal lawsuit against PFFA for their failure to fully inform women about abortion. The lawyer also agreed that PP is a racist organization that targets minority women.[31]

• "If a girl decides to carry her baby to term, . . . clinics don't make any money. They make money only if she has an abortion. So, inevitably, clinics put pressure on women to abort." — Carol Everett, who once owned and operated four lucrative abortion clinics.[25]

• "Nita Whitten, who once worked in an abortion clinic, says she was trained by a professional marketing firm in how to sell abortion over the phone. The main tactic abortion clinics use is fear. The phone operator asks the girl how late her period is and then tells her, 'You're pregnant.' Not 'You might be pregnant,' but 'You are pregnant.' When a girl calls, Nita says, the object is not to help her; it's to 'hook the sale.'"[25]

• After the abortion, the girl is given free birth-control pills since, on the pill, she's more likely to be sexually active. But since young people often do not remember to take pills consistently, there's a good chance the girl will return to the clinic pregnant again. As Carol Everett puts it, "birth control sells abortions. Abortion is a business. A big business that uses slick marketing tools."[25]

• PPFA is consistently critical of abstinence education as a solution for sexual health and behavior issues, while promoting so-called "safe sex." According to PPFA's website, Condoms are an effective, inexpensive form of birth control."[34]

• A recent study by the independent testing service of Consumers Union, as reported in Consumer Reports magazine, February 2005, evaluated the performance of 23 kinds of latex condoms.[34]

• It's not surprising that the condom types distributed by PPFA that were tested finished 14th, 22nd, and 23rd (out of 23 types tested). In fact, the PPFA condoms that ranked 22nd and 23rd were the only condoms rated "poor" on strength.[34]

• Ineffective condoms generate more repeat business for the PPFA.

• [In addition] the US Food and Drug Administration found that in typical use for just one year, condoms failed 14 percent of the time in preventing pregnancy. This pregnancy prevention method is far from effective. What's more, there is not sufficient evidence that condoms protect against the spread of some STDs, including the human papilloma virus. HPV is not only incurable, it is also the fastest spreading STD in America and has consistently been linked to cervical cancer.[34]

See Pregnant Pause.org


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