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Saturday, October 25, 2008

If Kate Can Do It, You Can, Too!

You just found out you're pregnant. Anything but joy and exhilaration fill you. You are scared. Maybe you're a single mom-to-be. Maybe you are in a financial crunch and this is the worst thing that could happen right now. Maybe your career was just getting ready to take off and now look. Your less-than excited reaction could be based on anything. The fact is, you are stuck with this situation that you didn't plan for, can't provide for and are looking at the alternative.

Before you seek to end this pregnancy, let me introduce you to Kate. She, too, faced pregnancy and encountered road blocks along the way. As a nurse, her career was going along smoothly. Once pregnant, she found herself on bed rest and ultimately in the hospital for the later part of the pregnancy. She would eventually give up her job. Her husband lost his job shortly before delivery, even while she was hospitalized. Emotionally, financially and physically taxed, the day of delivery came and things intensified.

Kate gave birth via c-section to 6 babies at one time. Her worries for their health were multiplied by 6. Her financial uncertainty was multiplied by 6. Although married, the task of caring for the newborns (and three year old twins at home) was 6-fold and Kate found she had to delegate alot of their care to volunteers. How to diaper, clothe and provide other necessities was multiplied by 6. Yet, Kate was strong in her resolve to trust that God would provide.

Her story gives inspiration to anyone facing an insurmountable circumstance but especially those that are facing an unplanned pregnancy. There are options if you can't provide. There are answers for those that just can't raise a baby right now. Ending a life for convenience is never an option. When your life is interrupted with the news of an unplanned pregnancy, entertain the possibility that no matter what brought that child into existence, their life matters. Planned or not.

Kate's frustrations were multiplied by 6. The challenges she faced were, at times, unrealistic. Yet she found a way to see the purpose in the sextuplets being her children and embraced the hope that things would work out and made the mental decision to trust that each day would take care of itself. If Kate can, you can, too.

By the way, Kate's life has also been enlarged with the love of children 6-fold. There are silver linings to every hard situation.

If you are pregnant and are seeking to end it because it is an impossibility for you, please read Multiple Blessings before making the final decision. And if you are a believer, don't count God out. He's never let any of his children down.


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