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Monday, March 30, 2009

Words of Wisdom on the Net

I make no concessions in stating my opinion regarding where our Government belongs and doesn't belong in relation to "the people's" private affairs. Too much gov't is happening too fast and for those who say they never saw it coming, consider the recent rumblings your cue that rain is on the horizon. Here are some things recently written on the Net regarding current political decisions:

Did anyone hear about the Natasha Richard's case, because the medical in Canada is GOVERMENT ran, they did not feel it was "cost effective" to do a CT scan for her which could have saved her life. Another good example of what big brother can do and will do when they have all the power we are handing them. I wonder what the dumbnuts would say when its their family member and the cost isn't effective enough to save one of their family members life?? Each day we give more and more away and more example of why we shouldnt but they continue to steal our rights.

Are you seeing a bigger lie unveiled? I'm talking about the so called "Stimulus Spending Plan" whose name should be changed to "Government Take Over". What better example of what I said earlier that "He who owns most of your debt, owns and controls you!" By calling for the resignation of the CEO of GM the govt has really overstepped, excuse me BO -- has been names specifically for this. I realize that there should have been guidelines for the usage of the monies, but really, the money never should've been offered in the first place. Help with reorganization, advice perhaps, but not all this money. And then to tell Chrysler that they have to "force-merger" with Fiat is another issue. They didn't do what they were supposed to do before the first hand out, why do they thing they'll do it now? Again, why does the govt think they have this right? If they can do this with private businesses, then they can do this with states and other areas as well. Some govt involvement is good and okay, but not when the govt begins to take over and becomes or takes on the appearance of a dictator. GM and the others didn't bend with the market and the wants of their customers. They continued to produce vehicles that people didn't want and won't buy. Why else are they stuck with so many unsold vehicles for the first time since the Great Depression? Toyota stated that they would flood the car market with their hybrid cars and make them affordable -- they did, and they met the needs of the general public. They're still very solvent. Lesson to learn.

It's no secret that Americans are in credit card debt up to their eyeballs. To what can we attribute this colossal "living beyond our means" phenomenon? I don't think it's because we've had too many emergencies, and that's why we all have credit cards, right? It's because we don't ever want to feel poor. Let me define the term, "feeling poor." It's a sad, sorry feeling of inferiority. It's that feeling you get when faced with an invitation to join all of your rich co-workers for a chi-chi lunch, and you've got $8.43 to last until payday. It's that feeling you get when you see a commercial for the coolest car on earth and all you have is a 10-year old clunker. When you feel poor, the worst thing you can do is spend money. Sure, that might make the feeling go away for a time. But as soon as you realize you've plunged yourself deeper into debt and made your situation worse, you'll feel even poorer. It's a vicious cycle that comes to no good end. I have a better idea. Stop feeling poor in the first place.

There's a storm abrewin'. What happens when good, responsible people keep quiet? Washington has forgotten they work for us. We don't work for them. Throwing good money after bad is NOT the answer. I am sick of the midnight, closed door sessions to come up with a plan. I am sick of Congress raking CEO's over the coals wh ile they, themselves, have defaulted on their taxes. I am sick of the bailed out companies having lavish vacations and retreats on my dollar. I am sick of being told it is MY responsibility to rescue people that, knowingly, bought more house than they could afford. I am sick of being made to feel it is my patriotic duty to pay MORE taxes. I, like all of you, am a responsible citizen. I pay my taxes. I live on a budget and I don't ask someone else to carry the burden for poor decisions I may make. I have emailed my congressmen and senators asking them to NOT vote for the stimulus package as it was written without reading it first. No one listened. They voted for it, pork and all.

So the PC Commies are at it again by taking the name of the Freedom Tower in New York back to One World Trade Center. You would think that this country never had an attack on its soil by the way people act today. What's it gonna take? Why do they continue to cower to the enemy? I am proud of this country and my rights as an American citizen. I am NOT apologetic for what I believe in and I will continue to call spade a spade and not be afraid to speak my mind! This country has gone back to pre 9/11 mentality and that is so dangerous.

Yea we got change,,from the chosen one!,, just taking rights away right and left.. and the dimwits think it's soo cool...gees..,, lets see,, no lobbiest?, no pork earmarks? going to pull the troops out? humm NO...,Bring in new people in washington? NO.. Looks like he has just brought in the old Chicago gang, and Clintons people..,, ahaha,, and he is taking ammo away.,, humm, and lets not forget charter schools yep he put a stop to that.., has taken guns away from pilots in the cockpits..that a change..for the worst!,,oh and lets not forget taking the signing bonus away from our military..(not that is change he really must be proud of) so anyway I've just touched on little things he has done in 2 months..off the top of my head..Yea, Change.. feels warm and frizzy..like I stuck my finger in the electric plug.LOL

If you as a reader, can find many bloggers that say positive things about decisions made by our gov't lately, let me know. I've burned the midnight oil trying to find a few (besides the Washington posse) that are optimistic. This is not a rant against one person, but against a collective group of leaders that infringe on our freedoms as a country by repeadily deciding more gov't=answers to all problems. The gov't does not belong in many of the places it invites itself. Washington, Lincoln and Adams would fight tooth and nail to protect "we the people" if alive today.

Where are the real men? Where are the leaders and decision makers we can be proud of? Where are those patriotic to American history and the people that have lived, worked and worshipped here for centuries? It appears from the direction our leaders are taking, what we have known to love and cherish for centuries will soon become nothing more than words in a history book.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

This says it all!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hidden Treasure Wins an Award

Our first ever award, Honest Scrap, thanks to Ricks World is something I get to brag, actually brag about. Since I can't pat my own back, I'll just say kuddos to you, the reader, for reading Hidden Treasure. It's nice to know my passion is being read about by others.

The requirements of this award:

“This award is bestowed upon a fellow blogger whose blog’s content or design is, in the giver’s opinion, brilliant.”

“When accepting this auspicious award, you must write a post bragging about it, including the name of the misguided soul who thinks you deserve such acclaim, and link back to the said person so everyone knows she/he is real. Choose a minimum of seven (7) blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you don’t have seven friends. Show the seven random victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with Honest Weblog. Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon. List at least ten (10) honest things about yourself. Then pass it on!”

Ten honest things about Mary:
1. I can't function without coffee.
2. I live to read.
3. I love home schooling our son.
4. I would like to believe I am an activist, but I have too many passions to minimize my focus on just one agenda. Thus, the blog.
5. If I want to be really bad, I'll drink Dr. Pepper and eat a cupcake loaded in frosing.
6. I would love to have lunch with Abe Lincoln.
7. I look up to each of my siblings because I believe they all have awesome gifts.
8. I was fortunate enough to marry my best friend.
9. I'll eat anything with cream cheese in it.
10. I'd run an orphanage if finances allowed.

Ok. So here are 7 blogs I find brilliant:
Get Big Ideas
Blog in the Now
Jump Start Kids
Author Margaret Daley
Vaccine Awakening

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Talk About Pre-Meditated Murder

Woman Forces Daughter to Have an Abortion, Dumps Body of Baby in the Trash

Ft. Lauderdale, FL (LifeNews.com) -- A Florida woman has been arrested and charged in connection with a case involving her forcing her teenager daughter to have an abortion. Tonuya Rainey, 38, allegedly obtained drugs from an abortion center to make her daughter have an abortion and then threw the body of the unborn child in the trash....WFOR-Ch. 4 reported that she reportedly did not want her 16-year-old daughter to give birth, so Rainey obtained abortion pills and gave them to her daughter. An assistant state attorney said in a police report that the daughter "said to her mother she wanted to keep the baby."
read full story here

Friday, March 20, 2009

Some Things are Sacred and Should Never be Used as Part of a Joke. Never.

Appearing on "The Tonight Show," the president told host Jay Leno he'd been practicing at the White House's bowling alley but wasn't happy with his score of 129. Then he rolled a gutter ball by quipping: "It was like the Special Olympics or something."

The audience laughed, but the White House quickly recognized the blunder.

And then later: WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama has apologized to the chairman of the Special Olympics for his late-night talk show quip equating his bowling skills to those of athletes with disabilities.

Atleast he apologized. I'll give the guy that. But for someone so eloquent and poised, this is a slap to those involved with the SO or have a loved one that is considered "special". I remember in the 70's the band Chicago belted out "Make me Smile" for a Special Olympics commercial. The participants weren't exploited but instead, their smiles lit up the screen as the announcer invited the viewer to join in the fun. I never forgot those smiles.

Maybe that is why this bothers me. Watch a "special" person. Their smile lights up the world. How in world could you say anything against them? To err is human and to ask forgiveness proper. To not repeat the offense? Priceless.


I wonder what world peace would feel like. It's the only thing that no one has ever experienced. It requires an agreement among all people not to hurt each otehr. Each of us can try to live in peace in our daily life. By intentionally relating to others in positive ways, we can increase the possibility of peace. In my experience, people who are peaceful generate a more peaceful environment. That is why I love clowning; it transforms the environment.

World peace starts within each of us. ~Patch Adams MD

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Obama Admin Sends UN Population Fund $50 Million, Abortion Backers Want More

Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) -- The American economy is in turmoil but the Obama administration sent a $50 million check yesterday to the United Nations Population Fund. That's the pro-abortion group that has been accused of supporting and working in concert with Chinese family planning officials.

There, the Chinese population control program has relied on forced abortions, involuntary sterilizations and other human rights abuses to enforce its rule that most couples may have no more than one child.

The Bush administration had withheld the funds because of the UNFPA-China population control program ties, but Obama signed a bill reversing those limits...

read full story here

Population control? Hand in hand with pro-abortion views here on our own soil?

If you ever thought this would never happen here in the good ole USA, think again. It has. Already.

When are we going to look down at our ruby slippers and realize this ain't Kansas anymore?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Economics of Abortion

Can America Survive the Abortion Boom? For 15 years, Dennis Howard has been warning of the economic impact of abortion. Today he estimates its toll as costing our economy $35 trillion in lost GDP and over 51 million precious lives. You can help stop this decline by making your voice heard. Join our Campaign for Life today

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Home Schooling Mom Loses Right

Although this ruling goes against the NC Supreme Court's ruling defining homeschools as private schools and although this family is protected by law, they may not see a reversal since they can not afford an attorny. Here's the story.

March 12, 2009, Raleigh, NC - As reported by WorldNetDaily.com, on Friday, March 6, Judge Ned W. Mangum stripped Raleigh resident Venessa Mills of her right to homeschool, and ordered her three children to enter public school.


Mills was forced to defend her right to homeschool during divorce proceedings brought on by her husband's unfaithfulness. Mr. Mills admitted, under oath, to repeatedly committing adultery. Even with abundant evidence showing the Mills children are well adjusted and well educated, Judge Mangum ruled overwhelmingly against Mrs. Mills on every point. He stated the children would do better in public school despite the fact that they are currently at or beyond their grade level. Evidence showed two children tested several grades ahead.

When issuing his verdict Judge Mangum stated his decision was not ideologically or religiously motivated. However, he told Mrs. Mills public school will "challenge the ideas you've taught them."

What has emerged is a picture of a clearly liberal judge imposing his beliefs and striking down traditional values. Mangum, a Democrat appointee, disregarded the facts of the case in favor of his own agenda. Such anti-conservative prejudice is increasingly legislated from the bench, and appears to be encouraged by the Democratic Obama administration.

Robyn Williams, friend and homeschool mother of four was present at the proceeding. "I have never seen such injustice and such a direct attack against homeschooling," said Williams. "This judge clearly took personal issue with Venessa's stance on education and faith, even though her children are doing great. If her right to homeschool can be taken away so easily, what will this mean for homeschoolers state wide, or even nationally?"

On March 24th lawmakers in North Carolina will be reminded of the sheer number of homeschoolers in their state. As students and their parents descend on the capitol, organizers of the Capital Fest 2009 field trip will show they have a voice in North Carolina legislation regarding education.

Because this involves a divorce, the HSLDA will not be getting involved.

Robyne Williams is rallying homeschoolers from across the nation to fight back to defend their rights as Americans to educate their children. She feels the judge has been given a free hand to impose his opinions and needs to reexamine his decisions. Please check Robyn's blog for on going details on North Carolina case number #08CVD17753.

Contact these officials to express your outrage at Venessa Mills' right to homeschool being taken away. Three short emails or phone calls could be the difference for these kids, and many more like them.

You can reference the case number: #08CVD17753

Judge Mangum's Supervisors

Judicial Standards Commission
P.O. Box 1122
Raleigh, North Carolina 27602

North Carolina State Legislators

NC Senate-Neal Hunt (R)

NC House-Ty Harrell (D)

North Carolina Governor

Governor Bev Perdue
Office of the Governor
20301 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-0301
Phone: (919)733-4240
Fax: (919)733-2120
Email her through this site:

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"The public wants universal (health care) coverage"

That is the headline I read today. Is this author nuts?

Ok. Let's say that is true. I think it's a great idea for everyone to have access to health care no matter what their financial status. But will Big Brother allow a universal coverage without strings attached. HECK NO!!

As it is now, if you participate in any of the governments programs, there are clauses, restrictions and must do's and don'ts. Red tape stretches a long way. I don't like my say-so being over-ridden because I participated in an universal program. But it will happen. Your highly personal health history is already being passed around to anyone who wants to see it like an "I love you" note written in a second grade classroom. I don't know about you but that bothers me.

Will this universal system be available for those who need it, or mandatory, even if you currently have coverage? Will I have a choice, because taking away my choice when it concerns my health coverage is taking away my freedom. Taking away my voice on any matter is taking away my freedom.

Consider a mom who tends to be a naturalist. She believes in minimal meds for her family, believing more in the power of prayer and foods to heal as they did before our great health system convinced us we couldn't get better without them. So someone in her family-say her child-is diagnosed with cancer. She decides that the overwhelming research on chemo is accurate-chemo destroys good cells making a recurrence almost guaranteed. She declines the chemo while under the care of our new universal health care system. Because she is under Big Brothers watchful eye, her child is removed from her home because it is decided she is an unfit mother for not allowing Big Brother to use chemo on her child. The child is then subjected to the chemo anyway, while living in a foster home or juvenile facility. Google child protection under the UN and you will see in every other country that subscribes to universal health care this is a REALITY. The price for having a universal system is a loss in decision making, a loss in rights, a loss in ownership. Is it worth it?

If the public really wants universal coverage, we'd better be willing to lose our freedoms in the process. Of course everyone wants a fair society, but be careful. Under our power hungry system, they aren't as interested in fairness as much as power over the individual. The government is suppose to be subjected to us, not the other way around.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Infanticide update: Abortion provider arrested posted at 11:20 am on March 4, 2009 by Ed Morrissey

Last month, I posted about a case of infanticide from a botched abortion in Miami, which resulted in a civil suit filed by the mother against the clinic and the suspension of their license. Yesterday, Miami police arrested the woman who literally threw away a live infant — but not for murder. At least at the moment, Belkis Gonzalez only faces charges of practicing medicine without a license and tampering with evidence:

An abortion clinic owner is accused of delivering a live baby during a botched procedure and then throwing the infant away.
Belkis Gonzalez, 42, was arrested Tuesday and charged with practicing medicine without a license and tampering with evidence, both felonies, said Ed Griffith, a spokesman for the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s office. If found guilty, Gonzalez would face at least a year in prison and up to 15 years.
The teenage mother, Sycloria Williams, has filed a lawsuit alleging that Gonzalez knocked the infant off the chair where she had given birth, and then scooped the baby, placenta and afterbirth into a red plastic biohazard bag, and threw it out.
The clinic’s doctor, Dr. Pierre Jean-Jacque Renelique, had been scheduled to perform the procedure, but Williams went into labor after being given drugs to dilate her cervix and waiting for hours for Renelique to arrive, the suit said. The doctor has said he had been on his way to the Hialeah clinic when he was called to treat another patient who was bleeding.

Of course, murder charges could come later, but it seems rather disturbing that these are the only charges filed at the moment. Gonzalez is being held on $50,000 bail pending a hearing this morning, and in the absence of stronger charges will probably win a bail reduction. The charges seem to indicate that Miami only considers the live infant valuable only as evidence of Gonzalez’ performance of medical procedures without certification, rather than a live human being killed through her direct actions.
In any event, if this doesn’t show that infanticide really does occur, it’s hard to say what will convince people like then-state Senator Barack Obama. When denying infants like Williams protection, Obama declared to the Illinois legislature that this never happens, despite hearing testimony that it happened regularly in his state:

[T]he only plausible rationale, to my mind, for this legislation would be if you had a suspicion that a doctor, the attending physician, who has made the assessment that this is a nonviable fetus and that, let’s say for the purposes of the mother’s health, is being — that — that labor is being induced, that that physician (a) is going to make the wrong assessment and (b) if the physician discovered, after the labor had been induced, that, in fact, he made an error, and in fact this was not a nonviable fetus but, in fact, a live child, that the physician, of his own accord or her own accord, would not try to exercise the sort of medical procedures and practices that would be involved in saving that child.
Now, if — if you think that there are possibilities that doctors would not do that, then maybe this bill makes sense, but I — I suspect and my impression is, is that the Medical Society suspects that doctors feel that they would already be under that obligation[.]

No, abortionists do not feel that obligation, as people like Jill Stanek testified from direct, personal experience. In fact, they feel an obligation to make sure an infant dies in this procedure, whether inside or outside of the womb. Their industry depends on it. (via Jonah Goldberg at The Corner)
read full article here

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Getting a bad rap for handling it all wrong

Chris Matthews is afraid of the acts of terrorism from pro-lifers Even though he later went back to say "verbal terrorism", and I don't agree with the concept in which he said it, I can understand why he said what he said.

Last October, I wrote a letter to a would-be abortion clinic bomber. Let me remind you of that letter.

Dear Wanna-be bombers,
You don't like abortion-you think it's unfair to the innocent. You are right. You believe abortion providers are murderers. You are right. You believe abortion clinics should be flattened. You are right.

Although your heart is in the right place, that does not excuse your potential decision to blow up a clinic.

Are you nuts? You cry "murder" yet want to lower yourself to their level and do the same. You say it's not really the same because they aren't innocent. True. But murder is murder. Quit trying to justify it.

You feel you are doing God's work by condemning these murderers. Don't fool yourself. You are not doing God's work. He is pro-life and would never tell you to take the life of another. In fact, he says to love your enemy and do good to them. Not quite the passage you wanted, huh?

You claim he would want an eye for an eye. Perhapes you are right. Let's follow scripture and hold those bad guys accountable by bombing their clinic. Wait-before you make your plans, be sure you are following ALL OF SCRIPTURE. The same scripture that says an eye for an eye also says men shouldn't take a razor to their hair. (no cutting your hair. How's the length there?) You also aren't suppose to lie (uh-oh. I know you've told atleast a white one) or commit adultry (according to statistics, over half of you have) and you are to keep the sabbath day holy. (what are your plans on Sunday?) You can't pick and choose the scriptures you want to adhere to in the name of God while blatently blaspheming others.

Look. You're not helping the cause by trying to get rid of these guys by blowing up their clinics. It just makes the rest of us pro-lifers look like idiots. Find a way to channel that zeal in a constructive way instead of destructive. I feel what you feel. Alot of us do. We don't think it's right either. But there is a way to do things. Lowering yourself to their playing field is not that way.

So put down those explosives, go to Starbucks for a Mocha Frappacino, and rethink this thing.


Pro-lifers have to get stronger with their argument and stop using so many picket signs and explosives to be heard. It's not helping. It's not changing a thing.

Here is what we know works:
Showing an ultrasound to each potential abortion victim of their baby and referring to it as a baby-not product of conception or tissue of some sort.

Prayer. We are seeing more and more doctors and nurses and clinic workers coming out of the industry saying they can't do it anymore. The nightmares and realities of taking a life on demand for the sake of the mothers convenience is tearing away at their conscience.

Here is what we know doesn't work:
Bombing clinics
Protesting outside of clinics-(it just delays the inevitable)
Using blowhorns to "preach" on the cornors of clinics

Being loud-mouthed and judgemental regarding any issue doesn't sway people-it annoys people. By doing these things, you aren't being a fool for God, you're just plain being a fool. We need to think before we act. And I don't think we would be out of line to use compassion instead of finger-pointing blame to get their attention.

I take offense to being referred to as a terrorist because I am pro-life. So watch what you do-your actions as a pro-lifer are reflected on me.

Reality Check

If we are to ever make a difference in the world, we can't be afraid of it. Sometimes, the very people that need us are the ones we shy away from. And the logbook of excuses can get long. Check out this post before I walk all over it. If you talk the talk, make darn sure you are walking the walk. 'nuf said.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

President Obama Starts Process of Removing Doctors' Protections on Abortions

Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) -- The White House quietly announced on Friday that President Barack Obama is starting the process of overturning protections President Bush put in place to make sure medical staff and centers are not forced to do abortions. The move is the latest that will add to Obama's growing pro-abortion record.

The Bush conscience rules were intended to educate those in the medical field as well as the general public about the rights of medical personnel to treat their patients in accordance with their conscience free from discrimination or intimidation.

They also give health care professionals recourse to the HHS Office of Civil Rights and a way to press charges in the event they experience discrimination."

There are two sides to every argument and is magnified in the area of abortion-pro-lifers fight adamently for the unborn and pro-choicers fight adamently to protect the rights of the mom. Each side is entitled-removing the right and wrong aspect for a moment-to have their opinion. When GW was in office, he wanted to ensure that if a medical facility or health care provider didn't want to do abortions, they were entitled to act according to their conscience. They could choose-and isn't that-again barring the right/wrong aspect for a moment-what America is about?

The current administration under BA wants to change that. For once in history, we are coming to a point where there won't be two sides to the arguement. You can say you are pro-life, but if you are a health care provider or health care facility, it won't matter. If BA has his way, no matter what your opinion is, you will no longer have a choice. You will no longer be able to act on your own will or according to your conscience. You would be forced to provide abortions or be shut down.

Is this what "change" is about-removing the freedom to have an opinion even if it is different? Is this what "yes, we can" meant all along-yes, I can do what I want but you can't? When you make an issue so hotly debated as abortion one sided by law, that reeks of removing a fundamental freedom.

And that, is just wrong.

read full story here

Boston Catholic Hospital System Yields to Pro-Abortion FOCA Before it Happens

"Abortion advocates have yet to re-introduce the radical Freedom of Choice Act in this Congressional session, but the effects of the pro-abortion bill are already taking hold. That's because one Catholic hospital in Boston has agreed to go back on its pro-life policies in a merger that ultimately promotes abortion.

The nation's Catholic bishops have warned that one of the dangerous effects of FOCA is that it could result in shutting down Catholic hospitals that do not want to allow abortions on site.

"Only a few days ago, maybe eager to cozy up to the Obama administration and Sebelius, Caritas Christi announced a joint venture with the Centene Corporation to join a state-mandated health-insurance program that would include coverage for abortion and contraceptives -- what the Catholic hospital system calls 'confidential family-planning services," he explained.

Hudson says FOCA may not become law, but he sees the Obama administration as doing everything possible to implement it and to frighten Catholics hospitals like Caritas.

"Although the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) has not yet been introduced, the strategy of the Obama administration appears to be pursuing the equivalent outcomes of FOCA without passing FOCA itself," he says."

Either the pro-abortion heat has turned up too high for this Boston hospital, or, it is just revealing it's true colors, so to speak. Either way, for a Catholic hospital to turn on its heels and defy the core of its belief system is disturbing.

read full story here

Monday, March 2, 2009

What kind of world do YOU want?

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, commited citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." ~Margaret Mead

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