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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Face of Child Abuse

What does child abuse look like?

When I worked at Newton General some years ago, the most dreaded film we could look at through the lighted box was a child's x-ray that showed signs of abuse-either current or previous. Current abuse was easy to spot-usually in the form of a broken bone. Previous abuse was sometimes harder to spot, but just as real. The little bone would grow back twisted sometimes from an overzealous grab that actually twisted the child's arm/bone. Or a fracture or break that grew back somewhat misaligned. Talk about anger.....if you think health care providers don't get involved with patients be present when a tech views a film of a child abuse victim. You are liable to hear words you've never heard before, spouted with a venom you'll likely never forget.

It amazed me that the same tech who was obviously angered while looking at the film documenting child abuse would proudly state at some point that they were pro-choice. Visible signs of a broken arm would outrage them but the thought of a child being dismembered and put back together in a bucket following an abortion didn't faze them.

A greater abuse is occurring right now-this very second as I type this and likely while you are reading this-all over the country. Babies are being ripped from the warmth and security of the womb by those that claim they have a choice to do so. Since when is murder a viable choice? Since when is injecting a heart with medication to make it stop beating acceptable? Or why can a human being, fully developed with arms, legs, a brain and all of it's organs be partially born only to have it's brain sucked from it's skull and it be acceptable? That is what "choice" is about. Too graphic? Too emotional? Would you rather I say it's tissue and a tiny vacuum just sucks it out and you go on your merry way? That's a lie. One the pro-choice movement wants you to believe.

Want to know what abortion is really like told from the clinic workers that perform them? It's not as benign as the media and government leaders or Planned Parenthood want you and I to believe.

So while those techs stand around the lit box complaining about the scum that twisted the 4 year olds arm, I want to complain about the scum that is pulling live, perfect babies from a safe environment and killing them. Which is the greater evil-a broken arm or a heart that is stopped?


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