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Monday, January 4, 2010

The Korea Herald-"Doctors Declare War on Abortion"

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Early this month a group of young doctors declared a war against abortion, which is illegal but rampant here.

Consisting of some 600 obstetricians in their 30s and 40s, the group tentatively named "Gynob" resolved not to comply with any abortion request that is not based on medical validity.

"Despite the huge gap between law and reality, our society has left the issue of illegal abortions long unsettled. Most abortions in Korea occur because of social and economic reasons. And all of them are illegal," they said in a statement issued on Nov. 1.

Over the resolution of doctors, the first of its kind in Korea, the Korean Catholic Church immediately issued a message welcoming the announcement while the Korean Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists with a membership of 4,000 doctors underplayed it as a minority opinion of radical doctors.

"Regardless of culture and system, it is widely considered that illegal abortion should be eradicated. However, the issue cannot be solved by making some obstetricians criminals," said KAOG in a statement.

Choi said the group had tried but failed to reach an agreement with KAOG before announcing the declaration on its own. Within Gynob, the number of members also decreased from 680 to 650 in the process of discussions.

"We know doctors would feel humiliated as they have to confess their past wrong-doings. And abortion has already been an important source of profit," Choi said.

She admitted their efforts could be meaningless without the participation of all doctors.

"If some doctors quit performing abortions, others would do more. That's why we are considering criminal charges against illegal abortions," she said.

"Yes, some of us are criminals too. If necessary, we are ready to be investigated first. We think this might be the last chance to make a change."


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