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Monday, March 30, 2009

Words of Wisdom on the Net

I make no concessions in stating my opinion regarding where our Government belongs and doesn't belong in relation to "the people's" private affairs. Too much gov't is happening too fast and for those who say they never saw it coming, consider the recent rumblings your cue that rain is on the horizon. Here are some things recently written on the Net regarding current political decisions:

Did anyone hear about the Natasha Richard's case, because the medical in Canada is GOVERMENT ran, they did not feel it was "cost effective" to do a CT scan for her which could have saved her life. Another good example of what big brother can do and will do when they have all the power we are handing them. I wonder what the dumbnuts would say when its their family member and the cost isn't effective enough to save one of their family members life?? Each day we give more and more away and more example of why we shouldnt but they continue to steal our rights.

Are you seeing a bigger lie unveiled? I'm talking about the so called "Stimulus Spending Plan" whose name should be changed to "Government Take Over". What better example of what I said earlier that "He who owns most of your debt, owns and controls you!" By calling for the resignation of the CEO of GM the govt has really overstepped, excuse me BO -- has been names specifically for this. I realize that there should have been guidelines for the usage of the monies, but really, the money never should've been offered in the first place. Help with reorganization, advice perhaps, but not all this money. And then to tell Chrysler that they have to "force-merger" with Fiat is another issue. They didn't do what they were supposed to do before the first hand out, why do they thing they'll do it now? Again, why does the govt think they have this right? If they can do this with private businesses, then they can do this with states and other areas as well. Some govt involvement is good and okay, but not when the govt begins to take over and becomes or takes on the appearance of a dictator. GM and the others didn't bend with the market and the wants of their customers. They continued to produce vehicles that people didn't want and won't buy. Why else are they stuck with so many unsold vehicles for the first time since the Great Depression? Toyota stated that they would flood the car market with their hybrid cars and make them affordable -- they did, and they met the needs of the general public. They're still very solvent. Lesson to learn.

It's no secret that Americans are in credit card debt up to their eyeballs. To what can we attribute this colossal "living beyond our means" phenomenon? I don't think it's because we've had too many emergencies, and that's why we all have credit cards, right? It's because we don't ever want to feel poor. Let me define the term, "feeling poor." It's a sad, sorry feeling of inferiority. It's that feeling you get when faced with an invitation to join all of your rich co-workers for a chi-chi lunch, and you've got $8.43 to last until payday. It's that feeling you get when you see a commercial for the coolest car on earth and all you have is a 10-year old clunker. When you feel poor, the worst thing you can do is spend money. Sure, that might make the feeling go away for a time. But as soon as you realize you've plunged yourself deeper into debt and made your situation worse, you'll feel even poorer. It's a vicious cycle that comes to no good end. I have a better idea. Stop feeling poor in the first place.

There's a storm abrewin'. What happens when good, responsible people keep quiet? Washington has forgotten they work for us. We don't work for them. Throwing good money after bad is NOT the answer. I am sick of the midnight, closed door sessions to come up with a plan. I am sick of Congress raking CEO's over the coals wh ile they, themselves, have defaulted on their taxes. I am sick of the bailed out companies having lavish vacations and retreats on my dollar. I am sick of being told it is MY responsibility to rescue people that, knowingly, bought more house than they could afford. I am sick of being made to feel it is my patriotic duty to pay MORE taxes. I, like all of you, am a responsible citizen. I pay my taxes. I live on a budget and I don't ask someone else to carry the burden for poor decisions I may make. I have emailed my congressmen and senators asking them to NOT vote for the stimulus package as it was written without reading it first. No one listened. They voted for it, pork and all.

So the PC Commies are at it again by taking the name of the Freedom Tower in New York back to One World Trade Center. You would think that this country never had an attack on its soil by the way people act today. What's it gonna take? Why do they continue to cower to the enemy? I am proud of this country and my rights as an American citizen. I am NOT apologetic for what I believe in and I will continue to call spade a spade and not be afraid to speak my mind! This country has gone back to pre 9/11 mentality and that is so dangerous.

Yea we got change,,from the chosen one!,, just taking rights away right and left.. and the dimwits think it's soo cool...gees..,, lets see,, no lobbiest?, no pork earmarks? going to pull the troops out? humm NO...,Bring in new people in washington? NO.. Looks like he has just brought in the old Chicago gang, and Clintons people..,, ahaha,, and he is taking ammo away.,, humm, and lets not forget charter schools yep he put a stop to that.., has taken guns away from pilots in the cockpits..that a change..for the worst!,,oh and lets not forget taking the signing bonus away from our military..(not that is change he really must be proud of) so anyway I've just touched on little things he has done in 2 months..off the top of my head..Yea, Change.. feels warm and frizzy..like I stuck my finger in the electric plug.LOL

If you as a reader, can find many bloggers that say positive things about decisions made by our gov't lately, let me know. I've burned the midnight oil trying to find a few (besides the Washington posse) that are optimistic. This is not a rant against one person, but against a collective group of leaders that infringe on our freedoms as a country by repeadily deciding more gov't=answers to all problems. The gov't does not belong in many of the places it invites itself. Washington, Lincoln and Adams would fight tooth and nail to protect "we the people" if alive today.

Where are the real men? Where are the leaders and decision makers we can be proud of? Where are those patriotic to American history and the people that have lived, worked and worshipped here for centuries? It appears from the direction our leaders are taking, what we have known to love and cherish for centuries will soon become nothing more than words in a history book.


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