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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Getting a bad rap for handling it all wrong

Chris Matthews is afraid of the acts of terrorism from pro-lifers Even though he later went back to say "verbal terrorism", and I don't agree with the concept in which he said it, I can understand why he said what he said.

Last October, I wrote a letter to a would-be abortion clinic bomber. Let me remind you of that letter.

Dear Wanna-be bombers,
You don't like abortion-you think it's unfair to the innocent. You are right. You believe abortion providers are murderers. You are right. You believe abortion clinics should be flattened. You are right.

Although your heart is in the right place, that does not excuse your potential decision to blow up a clinic.

Are you nuts? You cry "murder" yet want to lower yourself to their level and do the same. You say it's not really the same because they aren't innocent. True. But murder is murder. Quit trying to justify it.

You feel you are doing God's work by condemning these murderers. Don't fool yourself. You are not doing God's work. He is pro-life and would never tell you to take the life of another. In fact, he says to love your enemy and do good to them. Not quite the passage you wanted, huh?

You claim he would want an eye for an eye. Perhapes you are right. Let's follow scripture and hold those bad guys accountable by bombing their clinic. Wait-before you make your plans, be sure you are following ALL OF SCRIPTURE. The same scripture that says an eye for an eye also says men shouldn't take a razor to their hair. (no cutting your hair. How's the length there?) You also aren't suppose to lie (uh-oh. I know you've told atleast a white one) or commit adultry (according to statistics, over half of you have) and you are to keep the sabbath day holy. (what are your plans on Sunday?) You can't pick and choose the scriptures you want to adhere to in the name of God while blatently blaspheming others.

Look. You're not helping the cause by trying to get rid of these guys by blowing up their clinics. It just makes the rest of us pro-lifers look like idiots. Find a way to channel that zeal in a constructive way instead of destructive. I feel what you feel. Alot of us do. We don't think it's right either. But there is a way to do things. Lowering yourself to their playing field is not that way.

So put down those explosives, go to Starbucks for a Mocha Frappacino, and rethink this thing.


Pro-lifers have to get stronger with their argument and stop using so many picket signs and explosives to be heard. It's not helping. It's not changing a thing.

Here is what we know works:
Showing an ultrasound to each potential abortion victim of their baby and referring to it as a baby-not product of conception or tissue of some sort.

Prayer. We are seeing more and more doctors and nurses and clinic workers coming out of the industry saying they can't do it anymore. The nightmares and realities of taking a life on demand for the sake of the mothers convenience is tearing away at their conscience.

Here is what we know doesn't work:
Bombing clinics
Protesting outside of clinics-(it just delays the inevitable)
Using blowhorns to "preach" on the cornors of clinics

Being loud-mouthed and judgemental regarding any issue doesn't sway people-it annoys people. By doing these things, you aren't being a fool for God, you're just plain being a fool. We need to think before we act. And I don't think we would be out of line to use compassion instead of finger-pointing blame to get their attention.

I take offense to being referred to as a terrorist because I am pro-life. So watch what you do-your actions as a pro-lifer are reflected on me.


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