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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"The public wants universal (health care) coverage"

That is the headline I read today. Is this author nuts?

Ok. Let's say that is true. I think it's a great idea for everyone to have access to health care no matter what their financial status. But will Big Brother allow a universal coverage without strings attached. HECK NO!!

As it is now, if you participate in any of the governments programs, there are clauses, restrictions and must do's and don'ts. Red tape stretches a long way. I don't like my say-so being over-ridden because I participated in an universal program. But it will happen. Your highly personal health history is already being passed around to anyone who wants to see it like an "I love you" note written in a second grade classroom. I don't know about you but that bothers me.

Will this universal system be available for those who need it, or mandatory, even if you currently have coverage? Will I have a choice, because taking away my choice when it concerns my health coverage is taking away my freedom. Taking away my voice on any matter is taking away my freedom.

Consider a mom who tends to be a naturalist. She believes in minimal meds for her family, believing more in the power of prayer and foods to heal as they did before our great health system convinced us we couldn't get better without them. So someone in her family-say her child-is diagnosed with cancer. She decides that the overwhelming research on chemo is accurate-chemo destroys good cells making a recurrence almost guaranteed. She declines the chemo while under the care of our new universal health care system. Because she is under Big Brothers watchful eye, her child is removed from her home because it is decided she is an unfit mother for not allowing Big Brother to use chemo on her child. The child is then subjected to the chemo anyway, while living in a foster home or juvenile facility. Google child protection under the UN and you will see in every other country that subscribes to universal health care this is a REALITY. The price for having a universal system is a loss in decision making, a loss in rights, a loss in ownership. Is it worth it?

If the public really wants universal coverage, we'd better be willing to lose our freedoms in the process. Of course everyone wants a fair society, but be careful. Under our power hungry system, they aren't as interested in fairness as much as power over the individual. The government is suppose to be subjected to us, not the other way around.



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