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Monday, November 3, 2008

Voters Sound off on the Importance of being Pro-Life

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"Without the right to life, what matters? If a mother can kill her own child, what’s there to keep you from killing me or me you? Abortion is war on the unborn who are discriminated against because of their dependency on their own mothers. Obama’s slogans are foolish nonsense. He is such a false prophet. What kind of hope is it that allows the barbarism of abortion on demand?"

"If the mainline Christians think that they can lump abortion in with the many other social justice causes as being no greater than say feeding the poor (like for instance former Amb RAY FLYNN), they are only fooling themselves. If Abel’s blood cried out from the grave and God heard it, do you not think he hears the cry of 40 million babies whose lives have been snuffed out, in the name of choice? They as well as the rest of us will be held accountable for what we did to the least of our brothers. We are our brother’s keeper. We cannot run away from that fact even if we are a minister, catholic priest,fundamentalist etc…. as Pope John Paul II so aptly put it ” a nation that kills its own children, is a nation without HOPE.”

"Mr Obama,
Since life apparently has no meaning for you, please take some medical instruments and dismember your daughters. What’s the difference between a newborn baby and a 10 year old baby - hey, maybe even a 47 year old whiner who is a wannabe president.

If Christians vote for this man, they will get exactly what they deserve.
May God have mercy on America."


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