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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chinese Forced Abortion Opponent Denied Medial Release From Prison, Beaten

"Chen Guangcheng, the blind attorney who is one of the leading opponents of the population control program in China, was not allowed an early release from prison on medical grounds. Chen has been in prison on a bogus four-year sentence on trumped up charges after he spoke out against the program."

read article in full context here

It appears as if the freedom of speech our current administration is seeking to take from us has been taken from those in other country's that speak out against wrong. Especially if that involves going against the government. It seems to me the basic right of each and every human being is being stripped away no matter where you live. First off, you are denied the right to life. It's called pro-choice. And then if you actually make it to see the light of day, you are the governments project, as they spy on you through their medical database. And then you are theirs if you enter a public school classroom as they begin programming you to think and act as they do. As an adult, if you exercise freedom of speech, well, BO has a plan for that,too. Just shut down all talk radio and silence the opposing opinions. Pretty shallow thinking to not allow others an opposing opinion or access to other options. Don't we call those individuals, control freaks? I'm just saying.......

If you deny them access to your body (via abortion) or your medical records (via this new medical release database hidden behind our extra $13 a week stimulus money) or your morals (via thinking for yourself as opposed to being another programed citizen) you are a threat and any remaining freedoms are taken as you are hauled off to jail under bogus charges. What disturbs me is that although this happened over-seas, it is a sad state of our mentality. If we oppose, we are bigoted and intolerant, punishable by imprisonment. Doesn't that mirror our current administrations mentality? Again, I'm just saying.....

We can't say we never saw this coming. Those in third world countries with no access to The Weather Channel can say they never saw the tsunami coming and that would be accurate. Americans can never say they had no warning regarding what is in store for this country over the next 4 years. Plenty was exposed prior to the election, but some chose to let that fall on deaf ears.

“Children should be educated and instructed in the principles of freedom.” ~John Adams

It wouldn't hurt to include a few political leaders in that class.

I'm just saying......


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